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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Stay off the naughty list or .... Reap what you sow (of the unjust anarchy) or letting reports go through?

If someone makes a bad choice that forever changed history for them, it is not their right, just because they had the opportunity. Even though it may have only took a few minutes, it drags on a long time, in a negative way, affecting you and others. Who is responsible for them having the opportunity? Who is responsible for them making the bad choice? Who is responsible for reporting it?

If you try to report something, because it is someone else's responsibility to address and it is wrong, you don't want to hear excuses. Still reporting it, as the criminals display of courage was displaced, is the thing to do.

If someone reported something to you, and it was your responsibility to resolve it, the best way you know how, do you give the one reporting it a hard time
- Do you question their reasoning for reporting it?
- Do you take the other person's side?
- Do you shirk responsibility?
- Do you make them do all the work?
- Do you act like you are the victim, they are trying to get help for, like identify with, as helpless?
- Do you look for any excuse or reason how to not be the one someone reports something to, after you already answered the call?

You are brave enough to answer the call, knowing what it requires of you, yet you are only brave enough to play devil's advocate instead? As if the devil is here and needs your help and the caller would support anything you say? Or recommend you? What, it is better to deter calls for support? If it is a support line? As if it is a job anyone can do? or are you supposedly trained to do it or refer someone? Or wait for complaints to your director?

Instead of like saying 'oh thank you for reporting, thank you for being on our side and having the courage to stand up for our rights, thank you for trying to pursue an answer and encouraging a solution, when you have no one encouraging you!'

Sympathy for the devil?
- No ones perfect! (Meaning the one that did it.) so ... Why report it?
Why? Because it is harassment stress, that stresses them out or brings them down? Or now 'the ones purposely affected aren't perfect either, because the one who made the bad choice and changed the course of history, we didn't sign up for, did something that incurred a report, and won't own up to it, to repair it or repay it?'

A bad chooser (The devil) shows up?
You seem to be less perfect than you make yourself out to be, unless confronted with what you did? Even the odds, because no one is letting you get away with it; to ruin their perfect day will ruin your perfect life, if that is what you want, [bad name].
There are rules against that sort of thing or will be!
'No one is perfect' earned sympathy, only because it applied to someone trying to be 99% of the time or close. Not 'expecting 90% but only returning 10%'.

You may lose money, by standing up to them. But you may lose more, if you don't.
Two-faced or You were warned?
Self interest or best interest?

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