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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stress as assault

Identify issues they want to do for you (as if they are the only one doing( pursuing) it, you are famous or can afford it- like they are paparazzi or they are owed balance)


- Dr warnings?
- clean house for you
- Work on your car house or yard
- Skin care chemicals you could make self or get 10 times more natural.
- Surgeries, unnecessary health care?
- Diet fads
- Fitness work outs?
- Computer work? Write your program or book or take it over?
- Cooking? Or prepared meals twice as expensive?
- Handle your housing affairs?
- Your security, like you need them to trespass and decide which animals can live?
- Tell you how to rearrange your house AGAIN? That they rip bookshelves off when you not there?
- Help you to find someone else? Like send people to neighbors to check you out?

You need help Because
- you have Time robbers?
- You don't know how?
- You don't want to?
- You can trust them?
- You won't try?
- You took on too many obligations?

Or (the threat) they will ruin it for you? - - Because they have no life?

- They are greedy attention seeking .....?

If there is abuse (the ongoing assault) of PTSD, the abuse should be addressed and it should be required that healthcare help pursue criminal charges or civil torts, such as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

You know you have them by the balls when they say (when in their invincibility phase) 'there are no accidents'!

As an attacker you will never be satisfied to go back to normal (see Why you should never cause stress!) and as an ongoing assault, to the point of being considered and charged with'internal battery'. You are the kind that always feels a need to strike out at somebody? To feel in control?You want to waste YOUR time to stress people out? What should these people waste their time doing: wrapping you up in a bow and handing you over to tha authorities, and extract at least enough of your money to get spa services? as a show of appreciation they will waste your time, right? IT CAN BE DONE!

Someone's 'painted past' is irrelevant and not a defense, as it is a trick (hearsay) of your own mind that you shouldn't have acted on! So if you bring it up I will take it as an attempt to strike out at my reputation, and this is one of the ways it will be played.⚡️

Like the history of OSHA, the organizations and the government has sidestepped having better worker health and safety laws and holding proper parties responsible, to instead make the workers settle for insurance to address the problems. The concern over the agitation of the workers became more important than the neglect, which led to the OSHA laws.

On a local level this is the same response that is given to address the outright stressors, to send victims to seek health care. Will there ever be enough 'agitation' to inspire lawmakers concern?

As a direct consideration:
If you are not going to utilize mental health services, is it to not draw attention to your attitude , so you can have a gun?

I propose some lawmakers should...
Require them to go through a community values and compassion program - and if they fail -jail. Like you would not trust someone in the community, in a halfway house, if they are found to be displaying extreme aggression characteristics and behaviors, even remotely. If so, they should be required to go through such a program, and progress positively with flying colors, like kites, not FIREWORKS. See the difference? They should not even be allowed to substitute church as an alternative where they put people sincerely trying at risk!

If the local authorities have not deemed them a danger enough to approach and lock up, then it should not be problem to gather them up and submit them to the program to pass or fail. It doesn't have to be my program just not the program of an unemployed smoking male radical with a gun and pot agenda, to control by fear, to kill and molest without consequence.

You are either wrong or your not.

Key elite words to define your ability for trustworthiness -intent, consent, prevent, and if all else fails repent.

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