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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is stalking?

Is it criminal or a civil tort? It depends upon the extent that can be proved!

With a lack of legitimate positive interest, such as love, friendship, offer help?

- Trying to go somewhere without permission
- Without a need or a good mission or purpose.
- Casing the area that are stalking to remove barriers to access, so with the intent of more than one visit.
- Trespassing and not using designated entrances.
- With intent to do harm or take by force what is being denied, not offered by the one in charge there.
- Depriving of privacy and right to quiet enjoyment of home without fear.
- Not the best thing you could be doing with your time.
- Hate crime- and usually acting in collusion.

Stalking is not walking, because it would require too much ducking in and out of view etc.

It could involve following or getting access illegally to whereabouts and or times would be at home or not be at home.

It could be for a purpose to rip off, spy on to see who visits, and to ascertain the chances might have to get away with whatever illegal purpose, rather than be a friend, act like a friend with normal interests.

It could be someone referred you to, as someone whom you think you could get with picking on, as if you need someone to abuse, like from the internet.

You find out the purpose or intent of the stalking by trapping. You will find that the need for developmental programs does not stop at 4 or 5 years of age.

But being REALISTIC, a stalker is not going to seek help for their problem, and should not be allowed to leave their home, get in a car or on a motorcycle, and stalk. (Not the one they are stalking.

There are no investments!
If you use an excuse that you are checking on an investment, And it is not where you live, you are stalking.

Lest we forget, we are all immigrant descendants. The issue is trespass, illegality, and abuse of our laws, not whether we are praiseworthy, deserve it, or are prejudiced.

If you do a study- how many immigrants are illegal? How far would you get, and would you report them?

Are these people providing studies 'guesstimating'?

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