Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mercy for freinds

Wait til it's too late?
and... dont trust me and dont ask for my help until it's too late.
Try to think or assume what i would do?

The ultimate insult, like killing for sport?
Don't think I can do anything and make up excuses? They are all good ones?
Confuse the issue til all fades to blahhhhhck?

When a freind dies, it is the ultimate abandonment, like standing you up everywhere. They gave you hope and memories only to not follow through or keep their appt. with the living.

What habit do you quit first?

Look at the 'big picture' up and down and all around.
Is YOUR life the right priority? Quit looking at what what others are doing and fix yourself. if you are going to always expect forgiveness, likewise, maybe you should make it worth their while.
You for sure need to quit drinking alcohol, if you have an alcohol problem, and do liver repair therapy, if you have ever drank at all, because most important organ of bkody for detox, detox being essential for all the habits...
... but if alcohol is not a serious problem... either way, at the same time or trickily, if you have to...
You have to quit killing and hurting others and stealing their money to buy houses with... and not try to take vacation cruises, when you have more important issues to correct and invest in yourself. Do not expose anyone to your bad habits to have their support. You need hope and tears and wipe slate clean if going to even pretend have a heart.
You quit eating meat and foods with cholesterol, before you quit smoking.  Only then will you be able to detox your body sooner of the nicotine, drugs and alcohol, so you will recover sooner, to lead a normal life than if you quit smoking first and wanted to detox and not develop nicotine storage or toxin storage in fat cells.
If you are 'blocked by cholesterol' that is alot worse and harder to resolve than having an infection or inflammation blocking.
Negative energy from others like who do not want to follow a cholesterol free diet is a personal assault and will
....lower your immunity and
....cause a greater need for detoxification of free radicals or infection and inflammation repair,
.....nutrient depletion, if any is in your diet and
....increase likelihood of negative diagnosis', as it is a detriment to anyone's support system.
....attempt to force you to abandon reality.
People who do not have blocked passageways and can detox normally will have less issues with heart, kidneys and liver, and have lower incidence, if at all, of cancer and other chronic diseases, in reality.
If you opt. For more highly nutritious food, instead of comfort food whenever you can, you are making it easier for your body to detox cancer cells and not wasting your resources and precious time.