Sunday, December 27, 2015

Updates for new year...

Don't think I am not trying harder to save myself just because you are trying harder to give me anxiety... 
I am adding some updates for fighting anxiety for this new year...
- Quercetin, 
- ✏journal what is helping.
- study for credit.
-☕yerba mate tea, substituted for coffee,
- b vitamins,
- ⏳ report stalkers???
- yoga swing in a safe place, to destress as well inversion therapy for back.
- chamomile essential oil
- dress up more and dance and sing.
- cleaner house all the time.
- ✌more peace or relaxing music
- talk nice to bunny.
- eat fresh more, detox for liver -artichoke

Friday, November 27, 2015

Labyrinth for peace 🐿

Location for free walk appt. Required. Not hunting purposes. Will be prosecuted if do. Don't say I didn't warn you if you stalk instead.
Watch the making of a labyrinth ..

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Working on πŸ“š

Working on book working on book working on book.  My legs hurt from sitting funny. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hi there!
I’m an aspiring author of a home spa program, by day, and a ‘cat lady’ by night, or whatever happens, and this is my blog with ‘home spa talk’. I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area and I have many cats, whom I practice noninvasive and acceptable ways of wholistic health and natural health medicine with.  I like a spalike atmosphere, and I enjoy yoga and other core exercises, when I can, eating healthy foods, drinking herb teas, gardening, and breathing the fresh air.
Since I have inspirations, and I want to share my natural health success… this blog is about introducing you to a path to wellness, as it is your personal responsibility for a greater autonomy.
My Company, ‘Elitely Staying in Touch’ was founded in 2003, and I have been designing a program to offer quality natural health services for the public, ever since. Located in Weatherford, TX, this company employs only 1 person, yet with your support, I could do awesome things for the community of Parker county.
As a new site visitor, you should go to BLOG PAGE and post a comment and show you are a caring connection. Thank you for all your comments so far. Please enjoy yourself!
I am known to update my blog articles, until I feel the topic is well said, so if you check back, you may notice additional points I have made on your favorite posts.