Sunday, August 25, 2013

Okay Kathy, we are saving lives

Why is it so hard for someone to say “okay we will let you save lives”, when the whole effort, intention, and mission of the highest order is to save lives?  You will never get another chance, if you don’t save lives right the first time, but you for sure won’t even get close to a chance to save lives, if you do not even TRY, or at least do not stand in the way of it.

How is it possible to turn things around and be saving lives, when it originally was not so?  Hence, the difference between just living normally, going with the flow, where NOT standing in the way of saving lives, and saving lives, as to how it stands out as being heroic, beyond the call of duty, etc.

What is constituted as saving lives? 

       If saving even one life?

       If not standing in the way of saving lives?

       If supporting the saving of lives?

       If not taking lives, ever?

       Giving refuge, safety, and sustenance for strength?

       Making Lifesaving efforts, and the efforts are continually pursued, until success.

Can a rush on supportsave lives?  Bravery and support for saving lives are a good duo.

       Peace keeping talks, ways of ethics, valuing life. It is a positive way, we all wish was all there was to it.

       Not turning a blind eye to what is happening in reality. Supporting only the positive ways of the law, because if there was not a problem in the law, there would not be a problem, or they could do it alone.

       Listening and relating to a potential victim, and seeing a way to help, and not changing mind,or going back on your word, such as if even given the chance or opportunity. This means not giving up, and just keeping it for yourself, such as create a garden to share, and then do not share any of it, because no longer making the efforts were before. (getting lazy and not keeping promises, and even to the point that threaten others who you promised.)

       Heeding warning, from the ones in danger, but not to the point of unnecessary risk.

       Solving the priority issues, related to there being an unsafe life, threats intended to wear down resistance, etc.

       Not giving a threat any power over you, or any authority over you, etc., so that they cannot try to take over.  It is not making someone, unarmed, leave a safe refuge, or trying to corner, and trap, if it is so lifesaving, or to be a legally allowed effort.

       Capturing, and removing the real threat, so that the threatening situation ceases, not the one complaining or asking for help. Not fooled by who is the real threat.

Hurting others to save your own self or family does not qualify. Breaking the law, that hurts others, and using it, as an excuse that saving self, because anyone could do that, like hurt you back, to save their self.

To take a false stance, against the valuing of lives, as if it is for the common good, and as if you do not value your own life, is more of a vain attempt to save your own life (coward that you really are), and it won’t last for long.

If you are truly saving a child’s life and raising a child right, you are teaching them to follow the golden rule, of which it is essential know how to value life, even in the face of harsh realities, to not give up, and put life first.

You do not want to learn it to late!

You do not go around expecting other’s to give up what they have, in order to feed your greed.  You do not put pressure on them, as if they are not doing enough, when they are AND WERE BEFORE YOU CAME ALONG, if they are on the constant defense of someone like you, because you are the one who is not doing enough, or anything in the right way, because you know nothing of saving lives, in reality, and are getting more and more in debt to LIFE.

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