Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adaptation and Coping Beyond Victimization

You cannot blame the whole world for the sins (sons) of a few.

You cannot live in the past and do what you need to do in the future, to keep up, or to live with the new technology, and still do things the same old way, and get the benefits of the new age. If you constantly complain about the past and relive negative things, you will get way behind everyone else. Plus you should focus on recovery, and things that bring it, not opening old wounds.

You may crave justice, but without recovery there is no justice. Recovery can mean relaying the story briefly, but only when you can afford a positive solution. (like simple justice?)

Live in the hope of the good that will come naturally, and be thankful for all you have now, not comparing yourself to what others have.

Do not dwell on end times as it won't put a smile on your face, that we want to see.

Ⓥ Politics you have to understand the gist of a point someone is trying to make, to LIKE it, much less agree with it.

Embrace your youth by embracing your age.

Adaptation Ⓥ Peace Stop the insanity, mind your own business, stop committing fraud identity on internet, to steal someone else's job.

Grow peace and love in everything you do, not just some plan for escape.

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