Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Promoting violence vs. promoting peace

You cannot have it both ways.

If you are doing any kind of presentation for the pubic, it should not be allowed to have any violence whatsoever, unless it is for the intention to prevent violence, and only at a bare minimum...

*No agendas for revenge and making the public feel your pain.

*No agendas trying to show the reality, with no intention to show prevention or make public awareness head in the right direction.

*No proving that it goes on and that there is a desperate need for stress relief when it is already a given, if you are not providing stress relief free for the stress you cause. (even in an effort to prove it is needed)

*No trying to prove you are too mean for someone to hurt you, and that you will be the last one standing, because if you hurt enough people, you will not be standing longer than them.

Otherwise, you are just embarrassing yourself.

(If you were meant to be a leader in preventing violence, you would show you have done some relevant research and stand out as better than violence itself.)


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