Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bogus emailers should pay up

What are we talking about, white collar crime? Blue collar crime? No UNDERCOVER CRIME.
Strangers in my mail:
Stop sending BS email newsletters .. you haven't got an original noteworthy idea to waste my time in 10 years! Time to pay the piped to! Not the one piping out the bogus emails.

Turmeric fights cancer.

What, by giving them Alzheimer's because it is really rust, so they forget they eat meat, and are a cancer on society? Exposing your hypocrisy, that you care, is groundbreaking news, not you!
All someone like that is doing is giving natural health doctors a bad name! No thank you, don't need your help, PAY 💰 UP!
Tweeting is one thing and the proper forum for your made up, attention getting lies. Bogus lies, as psycho competitive jealousy in bombarded newsletters, is prosecutable.
(It is like 'who's side are you on'- in your face!)
Fresh turmeric might be okay, but who is going to stop this 'turmeric madness'? First it cures arthritis, now it cures diabetes, or anything they think you might be hypochondriac about? Same with 'soy madness'.  They tried to say my mom had cancer, when she didn't, and all along she had the cure beans gas, carrots! And fresh pineapple 🍍 but instead they said it would conflict with medication giving. BITCH! Noone told her she might have a chance against cancer (alias bean gas), if she ate carrots and fresh pineapple, but she would have told you, you BITCH! Defeat your own fucking cure, skip over it, etc, Bitch!
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Which lie do you think is a medical bitch or being fed to a medical person by a bitcb to make them seem like medical bitches saying 'you cant have pineapple or meat substitutes with soy, but you can have all the fucking turmeric 'possible rust risk' you want, above all the other spices we promote'... huh? Is that what you believe is okay to strongly believe in even if someone will die, without the natural food cure?
There is no dream with a bunch of lying medical greed factories in the way!  Even life extension groups are all going to be medically based. And geriatrics is going be akin to elder genocide because they won't rescue theirselves and stop forcing or allowing free medical reign!
Powed in your favor did you? Someone did. Pow less now? Too late after you are the only one $100,00.00 richer!  What good is 'powing' less gonna do? Keep a runned 🏃🏼 over one quiet? FAT CHANCE. Not unless it is the 💥 one who is $100,000.00 poorer times 10!
One ☝️ of these days I will take it to the limit and win (clean you out)! We all got our limits, this ain't mine! It's not nice to push people to their limits! 😲

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