Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Health goals are synonymous for natural health.

Health goals can rule what is in your diet and activity level. Healthy goals must be on path of higher health or maintenance.

You may start at a beginners level, but with guidance or teamwork, you might make more secure or advanced changes early on (or not). Some real progressive changes might mean you setting precedent and adhering to a strict health plan that substitutes bad for better or best.

For instance, when making recipes, you want to choose recipes that consider your personal health goals in every way.
$ =support for true only, people who are aware of your needs, and are not making wrong lifestyle choices their selves, so won't recommend wrong choices for you, not being swayed by your desires to be able to help you transition.

Transitioning during recovery may be the most important for you at certain times of weakness, yet having a secure basic essentials plan, such as balanced meal planning on the grand scheme of things may be the most important on a regular basis. You may not want to spend your entire life transitioning back and forth.

Sometimes foods or ingredients may be the most healthful choices or just a something you graduate to a more healthful lifestyle.

Various factors that will identify a basic diet:
Considering importance of
- heart health and
- avoiding high blood pressure, from dehydration to rehydration.
- dental health
-- memory or mental health.
- not supporting diabetes or kidney disease. (no one needs that kind of support)
- bone health, etc.
-such as not using coconut oil or coconut milk in recipes...due to affecting long term memory? saturated fat not being good for memory, blood pressure, or having low nutritional value for, in relation to an alternative choice which might be the better choice in most instances.

The ability and rate of recovery is going to clue you in to what you can do.
- detox, weight control, and low stress.

Availability or access is a key to some diet choices, such as using foods you can grow yourself organically garden or find locally, and quickly use excess- juicing. (Which takes care of your exercise needs and getting fresh air, as well as doing something positive for the environment).

Time consumption is an important consideration, such as you might want to not make recipes that will cause you to spend all your time in the kitchen... and limit your ability to find time to exercise, clean house, work and the ability to get outside and enjoy the fresh air of which you are not contributing to the pollution of, in the environment.

Don't forget about love of others, who may motivate (reason for) your success.

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