Monday, February 18, 2019


I would rather be an empath of a 'prayer' than an empath of a 'slayer'.
A victim (plaintiff- party 1) makes it easy for you (third party-party 3) to 'take back' or accept a bad person (defendant-party 2), because as you (3rd party) experience the victim’s (plaintiff-party 1) healing process with them, you (3rd party) feel forgiveness towards the bad person.
This is very deceptive and wrong. That is not only like betrayal, but it is cruel of you (3rd party).
It is as if the healing process makes the bystanders (3rd party) forget what happened, and not stand str9onger with the victim (plaintiff- party 1).
Doing so, you could (become) be called a devils advocate. Something a 3rd party should never become, because if so, you have lost your objectivity, not by caring more for the victim but by caring less, and by caring more for the offender.
It does not make you more trustworthy, by virtue of initially siding with the victim; if you start to feel euphoric (you didn’t suffer the victimization), and forgive the bad person, even if the victim starts to forgive, you are not being an effective advocate, if you are putting the victim at risk, when it is not your place as a third party, but the victim. Being thankful for recovery should not relate to understanding for the cause as it won't relate to justice or $dollars and cents for anyone.
Why? Because you may start to relate to the victimizer and defend them, instead of the victim. This betrayal will not make the victim's 'pain' go away faster or forever.
Thusly, the empath may appreciate not having to feel the suffering of the victim, so much so that they are thankful for the recovery, but are in a trap, if they feel empathy for the abuser. (which won't last long because they are a slayer of good feelings and acceptance is not their strong point.)
How far does a victim's advocate have to go? As far as a victimizer goes or would go, if they are advocating for theirself!? To even study law?
If you have no empathy for the victim, as you would yourself, you should disqualify yourself, but do not discourage them to give up or make the victim feel to blame, but admit that you are not qualified.
Don't tell them to ask for 'Archangel Michael's protection'. His earthly counterpart is probably the one doing it.
The victim will realize: You will still be somewhere else, his evil will still be here because you made promises to help defend and failed... Rather than stressing the urgency to get more support for the victim, not go lax on the offender(s) (whose numbers will grow BECAUSE OF YOU BEING A SOFTIE in crime, not tough on crime).
Save your empathy for and forgiveness for the victim for when they are upset about the abuse...
If you say you have to be an empath of a slayer, because all the world is a slayer, you are dead wrong, and have not been around much. Most of the world is not slayers, and we are in danger of overpopulation. We don't need slayers we need birth control.
If you say I would rather have a child (and slayers thinking they can kill and molest people to control the population) than be childless (no slayers controlling population of any species), you would be wrong.
Whatever you do, DO NOT DISPLACE THE BLAME, FOR THOSE WHO HURT YOU, ONTO THOSE WHO DIDNT! It is not an acceptable way to get relief!
I have a right to not be with someone who would change everything about themselves that I liked, to do everything I don't like...
Hacking as a part of a scam in collusion with medical freaks...

Don't send me your tired, your poor, your wretched or your wifey.

Though I may kindly empathize with you, I am most likely under no obligation to meet your expectations, esp.if it would hurt me. If that's good enough for me that's good enough for you, when you aren't paying or giving credit where credit is due or being supportive... Patience allows to go beyond the call if duty, not firce., but love. Love is patient, love is kind...

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