Monday, February 18, 2019

Who is writing this appeal or letter to the liable? 'NOT' BENCH

LKJoint and several liability <a href=""></a>

After further investigation,(which unlike the likes of you wasn't investigating your underwear) the cat you identified with and let lose on my property is on the hunt and hungry for YOU. Oh you die all the day long don't you? HOW DARE YOU! You will sleep and your weak spirit will get slaughtered. Because it knows YOU are there, the one it got over on. 🕦🕘🕥🕚 Time is not on your side killer. You send others to kill for you because you are dead meat. Instead of make them do time, you will be. And the dog won't save you either, because the dog says I don't know you anymore you evil jealous spirit who doesn't love their self and is jealous of the freedom and homelessness of small animals? That is where you are so crazy....

How does it feel to be shocked into reality? Here try to blame this one on them, killer. You should have felt sorry for your own WEAKNESS and not have made it vulnerable.... As well as others. Weakness does not disappear because you let someone kill you for it. No one appreciates it. You make it strong or you protect it. You don't unleash your stupidity on it. Because that is what you do, when you identify with a killer and don't report them or lock them up. You've 'never seen them kill anything as an excuse', but you know they are. No doubt they are stupid enough to do it, given ample opportunity. You can not untrain them. It is born in their blood of which they are not ashamed of. Do not trust them. If you are saddled with them, you better keep them to yourself. I don't know what mental process is going on in your fricking head, when you release carnivores, but it is not a sane one, anymore than releasing a cannibal would be. They could eat the food given them, but prefer to eat you. Your spirit comes here wanting it all, for yourself... But that isn't the way to get a piece of the pie all for yourself, you worthless piece of garbage. But let me let you know this, your innocent vulnerable spirit was loved... And still is... STOP THE KILLING. And the spreading of mites, lice, chiggers, and diseased excrement all over my herbs and other plant food.

I am not going to just get your cat locked up or you, for releasing it, I am going to sue you for millions to return my property to a livable status. Cat after cat after cat as well as gross opposums and racoons, don't get here magically. Someone will know and see you releasing them and or stealing them from somebody else or be privy to your collusion schemes. You are not humanely releasing them, because I will humanely sue the crap out of you when, at your cue, we are only being humane to ourselves. Banana poopoo.

Do you think the city should feel sorry for: the animal, the owner, or the one that is being violated by the animal and the owner? Hmmm tell me true...

Is the city liable, if they won't pick them up and ticket the owner, when the owner has had their cat picked up more than once?

Also is the city liable, If the city won't let you  (the property owner) trap them, when their (pet) owner releases them in the cold or rain, purposely colluding with (city) animal control to trap you if you trap them, or get away with it (violating your property and wildlife friend)... Again, and again and again all winter long?

You are just like all the other criminals thinking that... No immediate repercussions, means no repercussions ever.. Hmm interesting.. Even though you know it is not welcome and is out of a totally unforgivable intent.

You are not humiliating me, you are humiliating yourself. You are going to be paying for something you are not ever getting the benefits from, thereof...
Even with a right verdict, you won't easily recover from a cruel assumption that no one cares if you are cruel. How stupid are we supposed to be?

Your time wasted to ignorantly victimize your neighbors is not above God. While we are talking literally: Does someone need to 'chain link your brain' to where you even have 'no ability of neighbor contact whatsoever'?

Do you not see a lawsuit coming, when a lot of the same kind of lawsuits have come and gone, on the merry go round, yet you continue to dare me to jump on, while aggravting the situation and egging me on? Vegans dont eggans, so don't expect me to pay for it and lose out on substantial gain at the expense of cruel people...

Don't tell me 'it was fun while it lasted', because I have only just begun, and you still won't stop your evil ways, which is so, so, so so, so, so to my benefit.

What do you think you are, an entitled brat, in a lawless neighborhood? When your parents get sued, then you will all grow up...right?

It is impossible to have a full life AND forgive a killer, who would take your life, on any scale, bit by bit or all at once. So why would I? NOT! The real question is who expects you or anyone else to, besides a killer? Another killer?another bank roller?

No, you won't be the one rising up to meet this challenge. Why do you want to know, or have me ask myself that, to ruin it? To save yourself? don't care about doing what is right, although you may spout it out or gang up on people, as if it is right, FOR YOU?

Yes, you want an appeal, that is questioning popular opinion against you, which is about about the real right popular opinion, which is the under dog, not the devil dog pack. Don't act like there isn't a right way because you tried to kill it or bury it or disseminate it... Even if you didn't so the dirty work.   Why should you get popular opinion on your side, when you didn't make it so, for the ones you ganged up on? Or ordered to gang up on, or released, knowing that would happen... As if there is no one who could and would do the same to you? You won't give a fair trial or hearing, why should you get one? Why, why, why?

Asking of a criminal type, it is something that you are just starting up or have you been working on it for while?
Which is the worst insult? Huuhh?

About the security- You were my eyes when I could not see, my ears when I could not hear? Not even, because of a hacker or the one behind supposed help??... So why should you get that benefit, if you won't stand against the victimizers, but with them, because when I paid for it, why shouldn't I get the benefit of the security? Why? Why? Why? Likewise, no amount of money can replace your security? No amount of money will prevent your evidence from being hacked, at your most critical need.. let your time be wasted at your peoples' most critical need, because your are too busy trying to save yourself, in futility I most certainly will add, because that was your first most cruel stipulation!!!!!


When you stand with others on the wrong side, of whom will always think they are on the right side, you have made a choice, as if you are above judgment, even if it is temporary, the power used will have permanent consequences. If you don't like where it is headed, you better get the fuck away from the wrong people or stop being one if the wrong people.

There is always neutral ground +neutral people, neutral opinions) that doesn't have to look like you are with them. Other than what running from getting caught?
If you are working for the police or the city, you are in danger of exploiting your position.

The only place you stand a chance is doing the unquestionably right thing. You aren't a president or a judge, or in charge of a war, of whom still have to do the unquestionably right thing.

Don't throw away your life risking it, esp. If you have people fooled, giving you a big head, cause it guarantees it.

And then there is always this... I'm glad I'm not eating that other B.S. and being left out with a heart. ♥

Not cheap to fix it, not livable when can't go outside your own house. Oh, it's not serious, just 200.00 a month on pest control for each neighbors house they go to as a cat disease carrier, and fulltime security investigator who isn't trigger happy,  to overule the trigger happy? Who is to do it? I am sure they think they are with it, and can say medication will make YOU put up with it, or education will make THEM stop? NOPE.

No they are too greedy, they want to take over everything you have gotten in your whole life because they aren't afraid to throw it all away, because they don't have anything... ? You (they) will find this is not the only reason it is CHEAPER TO KEEP HER.

They have motive opportunity and what? Support? That won't tell YOU that the real trick is to cope and face reality, without drugs or alcohol.

Can they be trusted when there is not someone around to appeal their decisions?No. Why not? Because they will never admit when they are wrong, even for a weak and vulnerable one's position, such as if they want to say no or should say no or have a right no, I don't want you to do that to me.  Being above approach is not ever their goal in life, because if it was, they would be sensitive to how what they do effects others. They would realize, they are not above criticism and they do not try to be, because they do not feel remorse, sympathy, or understanding, or even show it or admit to it, like stone waller's. Their greed gets the best of them and won't let it go? They expect you to take down the empire?
They are like, 'I don't care what you do about it; what are going to do take down the empire?'

'No, just of small group of big headed control freaks, with delusions of grandeur.' Who always think they have EVERYONE convinced, or they bully them with threats of taking them on too, if they don't satisfy their demands. They no position of authority whatsoever, and they practice every ILLEGAL remedy they can find. All kinds like hack your security ness up your car or tour house, trespass on your hand report anonymously for traffic violations.   Turn people against you online.   Scare you with remote threats, etc. Etc. Control freak methods. Try to make lose your job or every job, to their very income. You think these minor but they add up over the years and so they are very serious and hard to prove??? Short calling them out, because if you have set up (close knit government) post to document it, then it should be  non-negotiable that all of them will go away for a long time. Because they are draining even more community potential resources than they are contributing or would use in lock up.

They are not swayed to do better by the church goers in the community. If anything they take advantage if them and them call crazy in concert with the police. They will go so far as to be the crazy in the church taking every message the wrong way like they do the law (twist words to their benefit).

Therefore drastic measures of groups in the community that represent the community neighborhoods safety. Not just one bully family or one house that cost the most, or one with all the male kids (bully parents), etc.
... forcing to making kids and not put education first or at the same time, as well as good career? To what make sure they have no rights on the world? And if they don't have kids, they for sure don't have rights, like more than you, when they've earned more education than you?

When bad people force good people to band together independently, there is something wrong with the community's legal system.

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