Sunday, February 3, 2019


Sunday, February 3, 2019
11:07 AM

The way of courage is being responsible for your actions.


If it is not in your plans, and you do it, because of opportunity, you can not be trusted, if you do things that are irresponsible (make negative choices).

With stress comes pain, wherefore of YOUR evil old ways interest rates are waning, and you will owe ME.

It is still not too late to repent and publicly apologize and heal my feelings.

If you did it once, protected by the crowd, when no one needed you to, you claim it as your way... Such is conspiracy...

If you did it, as the only one, more than once, you claim it as your way. If it was only once or a reasonable trial period, you don't have tok claim it. (But don't assume you were the only one, because you would have a hard time proving that you weren't conspirinvg.)

When you shouldn't do unto others as they do unto you, it is bad what they do. When they do unto others as others do unto them, but not the others that did it to them, they are displacing blame, because they KNOW IT IS WRONG, and it is not going forward with the 'courage of perfection'.


Causing others stress is 'acting gross'. This acting gross as a habit, or in concert with others, may not be a crime, but it is a tort and can be a symptom of crime.


*when being listened to, making others gross or trip up.

*behavior is thoughtless rude and or socially unacceptable.

*misplace the blame, because they KNOW IT IS WRONG, and not going forward with the 'courage of perfection'.

You could call yourself a doctor but not abide by the principles of a healer 'to do no harm', such as the sounds coming from your location.  


NaturalHealingVibes (@NaturalHlrVibes)


Personal intent (to hurt the one suing) does not need to be established, only that it was purposeful.

Setting a bad example,

 and not teaching others who look to you for support, that it is wrong, only subjects all of you to… Joint and several liability

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