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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What is your idea of 'snapping'?

What is your idea of snapping? Road rage? Grabbing a gun? Yelling? Hitting someone? Quitting your job? Spending all your money? Cheating?

But only ignore the road ragers? Because they don't exercise or release stress appropriately, they can no doubt take it out on every one else?

Threatening, scaring, forcing, or insulting does NOT EARN anything but a bill for living that noone can afford!

What no sign 'Get out of the road .. Road ragers close by. Don't trust their journey 💀.' That is a tort to say the least. I am not the one making a mockery out of the law!

No anger they have is worth a child's life or my heart!
That is incurring expenses that you can never prove you paid.

You shouldn't have stole my 'social security' in exchange for YOURS, by forcing your attentions on me, via road rage and trespass. As if by being a freeloader, you will have more time to take over my position? You will never understand the choices I made, to get where I am, if you didn't earn them like I did.

Free'loaders' have a very short life, like the ones that have the unfortunateness to trust you, who are loading free, and get hurt or worse.

Whoever gave you opportunity with ANY LIFE should be jailed with you! No one wants to carry on your responsibilities to get you anything good for life, as you are preoccupied with undermining and ruining a good atmosphere.

If you think others' world goes round, because of your negative energy, you are wrong! Stick your effing time and attention where the sun don't shine... You moody, two-faced, sleeze-ball.

Perverts, who will do any animal under stress, learn to kill the evidence. You are not immortal pet-vert just because you have a gun or a motorcycle! And it does not make anyone FORGET what they heard you make CRY!

Oh what the truth hurts? Make it look like somebody else did it and that you are still marriable or mate able? Huh! Get away from me with your gross private parts!!!

In other words, all you killers who have become perverts should be locked up, because you will never find true acceptance for the deadly choices you have made.

DIRT IS NO SECRET, JUST BECAUSE IT IS SWEPT under the rug by a lazy maid. It is still there. The same should apply to more than immoral secrets. Besides, you prove nothing to the contrary and anyone who sides with you is too desperate or something wrong with them.

(Before it is too late)
The children, you try to force or trick to be like you, should get tons of apologies from YOU, as well as all your money, because if they keep being like you, only the lawyers are going to get it. (Because you cannot claim a few instances of child neglect as a lesser crime as a defense,when you did it first and essentially taught them.) and furthermore you are not going to get away with punishing me for not liking it!!!!!!
Society... The potentials say (before trusted) 'oh we are not going to kill anything. We can totally be trusted with the responsibility that might accompany land management, where lives live!'

Then ....the nightmares begin, the terror ensues and power went to their head. They did not give any thought to anyone, but what or who? Who they can piss off? How is that social security? It isn't. They won't get any, or the profits of it.

Like gang war days, they think because they haven't been arrested, they can continue to terrorize, by acting like it is their job to kill wild animals of neighborhood, and to run off anyone who doesn't like it, by threatening attitudes? With who's dime, because a freeloader is not living on own dimes.

You want special treatment that no one can afford (life and health) then you pay for it , but you can’t, because no one can!

Don’t worry I can’t wait any longer either for when you will get the special treatment you deserve!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Only others have to use restraint?

Do you want to think what is good for you is what others should have when you are not the expert? Without even consulting with another expert or negotiating a compromise where necessary? Without imposing your will and hearing all the facts, if you have sooo much time to be in someone else's business? of which you offer to help but have no real interest in doing what it entails?

Do you have the experience or skills it requires or studied for, such as compassion and understanding for being s caregiver? No? Lack of patience?

Or even the skill to make the most ethical of choices to reinstill hope? like to do unto others as you would have you do unto YOU?

Friday, March 11, 2016

When times change, crimes change

Trespass to home

For instance where trespass to home used to mean theft, robbery, or murder.

Nowadays, trespass to home has a pattern. It means harassment, destruction of property to get cheaper, to inflict emotional distress, like a stalker does, where it may not be theft of identity, it is still trying to secure privileged information, to make insecure in home, to violate and cause easy access, for anytime leave, to trash out the place, in frequent, unnoticeable, at the time, ways,  like to waste time, for practice on bigger targets. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Note to a Stalking dier

*Note to a stalking killer

For your information:
I am deliriously happy, content, and well rested, when I am not being stalked! (Not when or because I am being stalked.) So dont think you or your wife if so think you are doing someone a favor or think you can hold me responsible for the trouble you get into.

So you won’t think you won or will think you will win, next time...
Retaliation is not self defense, exclusively, like me and you.
Retaliation is illegal. It is something a stalker thinks they are entitled to, if they dont get their way, but are not.

Self defense is not illegal, and it does not make me considered crazy, just because I have used it, or just because you prefer and fair better using retaliation, where you take the law into your hands, sneakily, and dont deserve it.

Is stalking a mere tort, just because one does multiple torts, such as trespass, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, by disabling vehicle, chattel conversion, causing emotional distress, intentionally, and or negligiently?   NO. It should be considered criminal harassment, when more than one act, or one repeatedly, chronically!

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye…. Be the first to be trapped, when someone takes me seriously. What do you think, I have an invitation for you, buddy?

Stalking is something you just dont ignore, and you will give up way before I will, buddy! GET A LIFE!

Normal people think ‘who would do that?’ And think I am making it up. Well, if you use government money to spend your time stalking people or paying someone to do it, I feel sorry for you, (misappropriating government funds) being off the normal list, and being considered crazier than what you call crazy, thusly, just might make you criminally insane.

When the law says no stalking or trespassing they mean no. You are not a wild animal (just because you might have FUCKED one.) So you for sure have no food ethics.

No respect for the law? Exteme defamation should be your punishnent! Not anonymity your reward!!!

You all want to be alike, in a bad way? Then you can get punished alike, in a bad way. Seemingly not having a brain bigger than a pea, or letting anybody else in on

Saturday, February 13, 2016

No hunting

Check out @ElitelyInTouch's Tweet: https://twitter.com/ElitelyInTouch/status/555996716131160066?s=09

Legalize smoke?

Legalize cancer? Very funny. It is already legal.