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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Promoting violence vs. promoting peace

You cannot have it both ways.

If you are doing any kind of presentation for the pubic, it should not be allowed to have any violence whatsoever, unless it is for the intention to prevent violence, and only at a bare minimum...

*No agendas for revenge and making the public feel your pain.

*No agendas trying to show the reality, with no intention to show prevention or make public awareness head in the right direction.

*No proving that it goes on and that there is a desperate need for stress relief when it is already a given, if you are not providing stress relief free for the stress you cause. (even in an effort to prove it is needed)

*No trying to prove you are too mean for someone to hurt you, and that you will be the last one standing, because if you hurt enough people, you will not be standing longer than them.

Otherwise, you are just embarrassing yourself.

(If you were meant to be a leader in preventing violence, you would show you have done some relevant research and stand out as better than violence itself.)


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Living by plants alone

Powered by plants- don't expect someone powered by plants to be doing it for you, if you refuse to try to be powered by plants. Do not act all hurt jealous and mad either, when could have devoted those energies to be joinable as one also powered by plants. Don't expect to be invited or welcome if insulting that way as I should give up something too good for you!

If you are not doing things for mean vain or stupid things you might be being above reproach and cannot be humiliated or embarrassed by what you say and do.

Avoid fads (and getting burned) and stay grounded with a plant based diet! Then you won't have to worry about keeping up with the times, the times will be worried about keeping up with you!

What is the truth? LIFE IS THE TRUTH. Better appreciate it and get to know it!!!! A burnt offering (meat, death) is NOT A LOVE OFFEEING.

Hebrews 10:
4For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.
Christ's Sacrifice Is Once for All.


A VEGAN RESCUE MISSION-powered by plants clothing I

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stress as assault

Identify issues they want to do for you (as if they are the only one doing( pursuing) it, you are famous or can afford it- like they are paparazzi or they are owed balance)


- Dr warnings?
- clean house for you
- Work on your car house or yard
- Skin care chemicals you could make self or get 10 times more natural.
- Surgeries, unnecessary health care?
- Diet fads
- Fitness work outs?
- Computer work? Write your program or book or take it over?
- Cooking? Or prepared meals twice as expensive?
- Handle your housing affairs?
- Your security, like you need them to trespass and decide which animals can live?
- Tell you how to rearrange your house AGAIN? That they rip bookshelves off when you not there?
- Help you to find someone else? Like send people to neighbors to check you out?

You need help Because
- you have Time robbers?
- You don't know how?
- You don't want to?
- You can trust them?
- You won't try?
- You took on too many obligations?

Or (the threat) they will ruin it for you? - - Because they have no life?

- They are greedy attention seeking .....?

If there is abuse (the ongoing assault) of PTSD, the abuse should be addressed and it should be required that healthcare help pursue criminal charges or civil torts, such as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

You know you have them by the balls when they say (when in their invincibility phase) 'there are no accidents'!

As an attacker you will never be satisfied to go back to normal (see Why you should never cause stress!) and as an ongoing assault, to the point of being considered and charged with'internal battery'. You are the kind that always feels a need to strike out at somebody? To feel in control?You want to waste YOUR time to stress people out? What should these people waste their time doing: wrapping you up in a bow and handing you over to tha authorities, and extract at least enough of your money to get spa services? as a show of appreciation they will waste your time, right? IT CAN BE DONE!

Someone's 'painted past' is irrelevant and not a defense, as it is a trick (hearsay) of your own mind that you shouldn't have acted on! So if you bring it up I will take it as an attempt to strike out at my reputation, and this is one of the ways it will be played.⚡️

Like the history of OSHA, the organizations and the government has sidestepped having better worker health and safety laws and holding proper parties responsible, to instead make the workers settle for insurance to address the problems. The concern over the agitation of the workers became more important than the neglect, which led to the OSHA laws.

On a local level this is the same response that is given to address the outright stressors, to send victims to seek health care. Will there ever be enough 'agitation' to inspire lawmakers concern?

As a direct consideration:
If you are not going to utilize mental health services, is it to not draw attention to your attitude , so you can have a gun?

I propose some lawmakers should...
Require them to go through a community values and compassion program - and if they fail -jail. Like you would not trust someone in the community, in a halfway house, if they are found to be displaying extreme aggression characteristics and behaviors, even remotely. If so, they should be required to go through such a program, and progress positively with flying colors, like kites, not FIREWORKS. See the difference? They should not even be allowed to substitute church as an alternative where they put people sincerely trying at risk!

If the local authorities have not deemed them a danger enough to approach and lock up, then it should not be problem to gather them up and submit them to the program to pass or fail. It doesn't have to be my program just not the program of an unemployed smoking male radical with a gun and pot agenda, to control by fear, to kill and molest without consequence.

You are either wrong or your not.

Key elite words to define your ability for trustworthiness -intent, consent, prevent, and if all else fails repent.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adaptation and Coping Beyond Victimization

You cannot blame the whole world for the sins (sons) of a few.

You cannot live in the past and do what you need to do in the future, to keep up, or to live with the new technology, and still do things the same old way, and get the benefits of the new age. If you constantly complain about the past and relive negative things, you will get way behind everyone else. Plus you should focus on recovery, and things that bring it, not opening old wounds.

You may crave justice, but without recovery there is no justice. Recovery can mean relaying the story briefly, but only when you can afford a positive solution. (like simple justice?)

Live in the hope of the good that will come naturally, and be thankful for all you have now, not comparing yourself to what others have.

Do not dwell on end times as it won't put a smile on your face, that we want to see.

Ⓥ Politics you have to understand the gist of a point someone is trying to make, to LIKE it, much less agree with it.

Embrace your youth by embracing your age.

Adaptation Ⓥ Peace Stop the insanity, mind your own business, stop committing fraud identity on internet, to steal someone else's job.

Grow peace and love in everything you do, not just some plan for escape.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is stalking?

Is it criminal or a civil tort? It depends upon the extent that can be proved!

With a lack of legitimate positive interest, such as love, friendship, offer help?

- Trying to go somewhere without permission
- Without a need or a good mission or purpose.
- Casing the area that are stalking to remove barriers to access, so with the intent of more than one visit.
- Trespassing and not using designated entrances.
- With intent to do harm or take by force what is being denied, not offered by the one in charge there.
- Depriving of privacy and right to quiet enjoyment of home without fear.
- Not the best thing you could be doing with your time.
- Hate crime- and usually acting in collusion.

Stalking is not walking, because it would require too much ducking in and out of view etc.

It could involve following or getting access illegally to whereabouts and or times would be at home or not be at home.

It could be for a purpose to rip off, spy on to see who visits, and to ascertain the chances might have to get away with whatever illegal purpose, rather than be a friend, act like a friend with normal interests.

It could be someone referred you to, as someone whom you think you could get with picking on, as if you need someone to abuse, like from the internet.

You find out the purpose or intent of the stalking by trapping. You will find that the need for developmental programs does not stop at 4 or 5 years of age.

But being REALISTIC, a stalker is not going to seek help for their problem, and should not be allowed to leave their home, get in a car or on a motorcycle, and stalk. (Not the one they are stalking.

There are no investments!
If you use an excuse that you are checking on an investment, And it is not where you live, you are stalking.

Lest we forget, we are all immigrant descendants. The issue is trespass, illegality, and abuse of our laws, not whether we are praiseworthy, deserve it, or are prejudiced.

If you do a study- how many immigrants are illegal? How far would you get, and would you report them?

Are these people providing studies 'guesstimating'?


Stay off the naughty list or .... Reap what you sow (of the unjust anarchy) or letting reports go through?

If someone makes a bad choice that forever changed history for them, it is not their right, just because they had the opportunity. Even though it may have only took a few minutes, it drags on a long time, in a negative way, affecting you and others. Who is responsible for them having the opportunity? Who is responsible for them making the bad choice? Who is responsible for reporting it?

If you try to report something, because it is someone else's responsibility to address and it is wrong, you don't want to hear excuses. Still reporting it, as the criminals display of courage was displaced, is the thing to do.

If someone reported something to you, and it was your responsibility to resolve it, the best way you know how, do you give the one reporting it a hard time
- Do you question their reasoning for reporting it?
- Do you take the other person's side?
- Do you shirk responsibility?
- Do you make them do all the work?
- Do you act like you are the victim, they are trying to get help for, like identify with, as helpless?
- Do you look for any excuse or reason how to not be the one someone reports something to, after you already answered the call?

You are brave enough to answer the call, knowing what it requires of you, yet you are only brave enough to play devil's advocate instead? As if the devil is here and needs your help and the caller would support anything you say? Or recommend you? What, it is better to deter calls for support? If it is a support line? As if it is a job anyone can do? or are you supposedly trained to do it or refer someone? Or wait for complaints to your director?

Instead of like saying 'oh thank you for reporting, thank you for being on our side and having the courage to stand up for our rights, thank you for trying to pursue an answer and encouraging a solution, when you have no one encouraging you!'

Sympathy for the devil?
- No ones perfect! (Meaning the one that did it.) so ... Why report it?
Why? Because it is harassment stress, that stresses them out or brings them down? Or now 'the ones purposely affected aren't perfect either, because the one who made the bad choice and changed the course of history, we didn't sign up for, did something that incurred a report, and won't own up to it, to repair it or repay it?'

A bad chooser (The devil) shows up?
You seem to be less perfect than you make yourself out to be, unless confronted with what you did? Even the odds, because no one is letting you get away with it; to ruin their perfect day will ruin your perfect life, if that is what you want, [bad name].
There are rules against that sort of thing or will be!
'No one is perfect' earned sympathy, only because it applied to someone trying to be 99% of the time or close. Not 'expecting 90% but only returning 10%'.

You may lose money, by standing up to them. But you may lose more, if you don't.
Two-faced or You were warned?
Self interest or best interest?